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Eat The Art Classes

armature cake decorating advanced course nashville

Advanced Modeling Chocolate and Edible Armatures

You will learn to build an armature with an edible sugar medium. You will go on to make modeling chocolate and build a spectacular 3-D centerpiece.

bread baking class brentwood tn


Learn to make either sweet, braided challah, French baguette, Fougasse, Focaccia, or sour dough bread. With the sour dough class we will even give you some sour dough starter that is over 100 years old so that you can make more at home!

buttercream icing cake decorating near brentwood tn

Buttercream Flowers

Buttercream flowers are a classic. We will teach you to make several types that may be added as cake toppers or piped directly onto cupcakes. We will teach you to make the frosting that is of an ideal texture for this type of piping work. Each student takes home everything they make along with recipes and tips.

cupcake baking teens kids

Cake & Cupcake Baking

Learn to make a delicious cake. We will pair the cake or cupcake baking lesson with lessons on making fillings and frostings.

cake decorating private lessons nashville

Cake & Cupcake Decorating

We teach you to make a cooked filling and a cooked buttercream frosting, then show you how to build your cake professionally, and teach you to make modeling chocolate and your own 3-D cake or cupcake toppers.

candy making lessons fudge classes adult leaarning

Candy & Fudge

This 3-hour class is spread over two consecutive days. On day one you make fresh raspberry caramels, chocolate caramels and vanilla fudge (may substitute for chocolate fudge or nutty fudge). One day two you return to wrap everything. Each student takes home everything they make along with recipes, tips and very detailed instructions.

chocolate truffles lessons chocolate basics classes

Chocolate 101

You will sample chocolate, learn about different types of chocolate, temper chocolate, hand-roll truffles, dip cake pops. You will go home with a large box of fine Belgian chocolate confections to share ….. or not!

advanced candy making learn to make truffles nashville

Chocolate 102

As a follow-up to Chocolate-101 we teach you to temper chocolate using the Tabliering (Tabling) method. We build on the knowledge and skills you have acquired to make filled chocolates (bonbons). We teach you several fillings both truffle-based (with chocolate as a main ingredient) and sugar-based such as caramel and fruit creams. Every student goes home with a large box of filled chocolates.

chocolate kids baking class brentwood tn

Chocolate Pizza

This is a great class for kids! Students work with delicious chocolate and pour several types to make a large, round pizza shape. They top the pizza with their favorite  candies and cookie pieces (nuts are optional). Each student takes home a large pizza-shaped confection. This class is 1 hour in length and costs $55 per student.

cookie baking cookie decorating kids baking classes

Cookie Baking

Take your cookie baking to the next level. With all of our cookie lessons students take home a HUGE box of cookies to share .. or not!

nashville cookie decorating childrens party

Cookie Decorating

We will teach you several decorating techniques, such as brush embroidery, layering icing, painting on Royal icing and blending colors. Each student goes home with a large box of decorated cookies.

croissants bread baking class nashville


We will teach you to make a butter book and to laminate dough. You will make
plain and chocolate croissants that are so buttery and delicious it will be worth all
the effort. This class is 6.5 hours in length spread over 2 days.

homemade donuts baking class doughnuts


Learn to make soft pillowy donuts that are fried and dipped in several different toppings (vanilla glaze, fruit flavored glaze and cinnamon sugar sprinkle). Students take home a large box of donuts.

learn to make eclairs cream puffs homemade

Eclairs & Cream Puffs

Learn to make eclairs and cream puffs with firm shells that are easy to fill and dip into a glaze. In this class we make a chocolate pastry cream filling, a whipped cream filling, apricot glaze, chocolate glaze and vanilla whipped cream topping. Students take home a large box of these absolutely delicious confections.

entremets advanced baking instruction french pastries


For students who are serious about French Pastry, we have a 2-day, six hour class on making these fabulous and beautiful French desserts.

french macaron making class macaroon brentwood tennessee

French Macarons

Learn the Italian Meringue method of making macarons. You will make the beautifully colored shells and premium fillings, build your delicious confections and take home a large box (approximately 36) of macarons.

gumpaste flowers cake decorating advanced course forest hills nashville

Gumpaste Flowers

Learn to make very realistic looking sugar flowers that will keep for years and years. These beautiful flowers are spectacular cake toppers and may be reused or simply put into a vase and kept on display. Classes are held over 3 days for a total of nine hours.

chocolate modeling cake decorating class for kids

Modeling Chocolate

Learn to make modeling chocolate and candy clay. We will teach you to model 3-D cake and cupcake toppers that not only look good but also taste great. Students take home everything they make along with recipes and tips.

pie making class pastries tarts

Pastry: Pies & Tarts

Choose your favorite pie or tart and learn to make a tender, flakey crust and delicious filling. 

pulled sugar flowers isomalt cake decorating instruction

Poured, Pulled and Blown Sugar

This class is ideal for students 13 years of age and older. We use a product called Isomalt, which is melted to a very hot liquid and poured into molds or pulled into shapes. We teach you to build spectacular glass-like cake toppers
and center pieces.

how to bake tira misu classes nashville

Tira Misu

Learn to make light and airy lady fingers that you will dip in premium espresso. You will layer in delicious, creamy mascarpone filling and top with fine Belgian cocoa powder. This lesson is for adults only as we use mocha liqueur in this recipe.

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